Princess Cora’s First Birthday!

My daughter recently turned a year old and we did a princess themed party for her!  We utilized the gorgeous Princess Party Palace venue in Fayetteville, Arkansas and it was just perfect for this theme!  Everything about this day was pink and gold and just gorgeous!  Keep reading for more details on how we achieved the princess look and some links for where you can find stuff!


First, I set up this tiny little table at the entry with some invitations, photos, and the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast.  I love having something simple like this invite people in!


For the main table, we kept it simple since there was already so much going on at the venue.  We decided to go with a simple set up with small details that would compliment the bigger picture.  We had adorable little cups and matching confetti made by Confetti Mama Party on Etsy.  We complimented the cups with some gorgeous little pink, white, and gold tiara straws custom made by this Etsy shop.  We added a few more details with some gold candles on gold candle holders, some photos of our little princess in some cute little frames from Hobby Lobby, and a few votive candles in holders as well.  Overall pretty simple, but very elegant.


The food and drink table was also pretty simple.  We used a few picture frames to show off some of our favorite photos of our little princess, had some pink lemonade, pink chocolate dipped pretzel sticks with gold sprinkles, and other easy snacks.  We added some pink and gold glitter and confetti to the table as well to add just a little pop.



The cake table was set up with lots of glitter and confetti.  I also had a big photo of my daughter in her Birthday dress centering the table.  I printed out some photos that I did of her at Disney World dressed as Cinderella, Snow White, and Jasmine.  Complementing these photos I had a glass slipper, bejeweled apple, and gold genie lamp.  The picture frame and number 1 were both very basic and I used gold spray paint to help them match.  The cake stand was also spray painted using this method (although the lady I borrowed it from added a bowl underneath and some trim around the plate).  I purchased the crown as an unfinished wood piece at Hobby Lobby, painted it, added some gold painted wooden letters, and jewels.


The cake was made by the ridiculously talented Nichole from Cakes by Crazy and I couldn’t have loved it any more.  I purchased the gold “1” candle from Etsy as well as the cake topper as a custom order from this Etsy shop.


Overall this birthday was just SO fun to plan!  It was perfect for any princess and I couldn’t be happier with how it all came together!  Thanks for following along and good luck on planning your own party for your little princess!


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