Landon’s Lumberjack Bash!

Recently I did a lumberjack themed Birthday session for my son’s first Birthday.  This past weekend was his party and I loved getting to turn this small space into a lumberjack bash for him!  Full of lots of plaid, pine, and wood, this little Birthday party was so much fun!  In this blog I’ll go through what we did to make the lumberjack theme come to life and where we purchased the supplies and decor we used.


For the table settings, we got the table runner, plates, buffalo check napkins, wood patterned straws, and woodland animal confetti at our local Hobby Lobby.  The red and white cups and black tablecloth all came from Party City.  I found some large round tree slices and used them as the base for our centerpieces.  These can be purchased or if you know someone who works with trees or has recently cut one down in their yard, you can also just ask if they have some extras you can have or borrow.  On top of the wood slices, I put some fresh pine and pine cones.  I went out the day before and found some pine branches and pine cones.  I also gathered some pine needles to use as confetti here and there along the tables.


This section was just a little place to put extra plates and a few more details. As a photographer I always love adding in photos and we also used a small lettering board from Hobby Lobby to put his birth stats on it since this was his first Birthday.  I borrowed this little teepee from a friend, but you can find it on Amazon (yes it’s a dog bed).  We added in more pine elements to this section and I used one of my shawls as a blanket (the awesome thing about a lumberjack theme is that any plaid or buffalo check you have around can be used as decor accents).  The stuffed moose is a super cute addition and we got him from JellyCat.


For the snacks table I kind of just threw together a bunch of eclectic pieces that would work for a lumberjack theme.  I used rustic looking wooden frames for the photos, more pine elements, and random things I found in different places over the year (I try to come up with my kids’ party themes a few months in advance so I can keep an eye out and take my time when putting together the pieces).  I found the wood lantern, little wooden  house, buffalo check deer silhouette, and wooden ladder at various thrift stores and flea markets.  I always encourage looking at second hand stores for Birthday themes because you can find some really interesting and unique treasures.  The “Into the Wild” sign came from Hobby Lobby, as did the small “adventure” sign (this one has since been discontinued) and the plaid bear silhouette.  The lumberjack hand puppet came from Target, however they sold out fast and I’m not sure if they will be restocking.  As far as smaller details, I purchased a bag of tiny round tree slices from Hobby Lobby to use as additional decor and to set some votive candles on.


With this party I got a bit creative with the food signs.  My older son loves chocolate rocks and said we should pretend like they were real rocks for his brother’s party and I kind of just rolled with that theme.  All of the small wooden signs were purchased as a custom order from Goat & Kid.  I then hot glued either rope or a twig to either hang them or stick them in the food.  We used chocolate covered raisins for “bear poop”, chocolate rocks for the “rocks”, berry fruit snacks for “forest berries”, pretzel sticks as “twigs”, rainbow Goldfish for “rainbow trout”, carrots and celery for “rabbit food”, and just plain drinking water for the “morning dew”.


Finally, this amazing cake was made by Cakes by Crazy in Northwest Arkansas.  The cake topper was custom made by Alexis Rae Designs.  The cake stand was literally a tree stump that I found on the side of the road.  I also put up some lanterns with battery operated LED lights inside and had a custom wood slice made with my son’s name and a silhouette of trees and mountains burned into it (also from Goat & Kid).


So there you have it!  A how-to guide for how to throw a super cute Lumberjack themed Birthday party!  The key with this party is that it can be very budget friendly if you’re willing to put in some work at thrift shops and in the great outdoors.  Most of what I used here was either second-hand or I found out in the forest, which also gave it a more authentic feel.  All the fresh pine also made it smell heavenly!  Thanks for checking out my blog!  To see other parties that I’ve decorated, click here!


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